We want to ensure that our music is reaching the right audience. We make sure that our music is inspired by the life situations, which will hit your heart in the right way.

Post Deathcore

We can make sure that our music is embraced for the mood it sets. I want to make sure that we keep on growing, ensuring that we have the right place to show our talent.



Some of our most recent albums are as follows
Quintessence of Versatility
We want to explore our music and wanted something new. We tried together our taught and brought about an album any one would enjoy.
Reveal The Truth
We want to ensure that people know who we are and what we stand for, Reveal the Truth stands for us.
Pimp Yourself
One album which is loved by us, it is about the journey of our music, the ups and downs of life as well as the present.
Albums Songs


We have a team of individual who are working to get the right music out.
Danny C. Allen
Danny C. Allen

He has a sense of music like no other, he knows the value the songs bring in the table and want to ensure the essence of truth remains.

    Daniel V. Adams
    Daniel V. Adams

    One of our most hardworking individual who is in the look out for the right talents to help ensure the they receive the right platform.

      Helen J. Bright
      Helen J. Bright

      One of our vocal coaches who can help you understand the music, she ensure that music you speak is straight from the soul.

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        Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems [Reviews & Guide 2019]

        Osmosis Filter

        One of the best processes of getting clear water at your home is to use the reverse osmosis filter system. They are much more efficient in filtering highly contaminated water and have been tested to remove 95-99% of the contamination. Reverse osmosis water filter systems are easy to install and have low maintenance. A quick checkup and cleaning can assure a long-lasting filtration. Choosing a good system is quite easy and affordable for your home as we bring you our best picks. Also, check out the best whole house water filter on the market for getting clean water in all your home fixtures.

        Home Master TM ULTRA-ERP

        Home Master is one of the most famous brands to offer reverse osmosis water filtering systems. It features an efficiency ratio of 1:1, a permeate pump, and a UV light which promises clear and contamination-free water. The permeate pump allows better flow and conservation of water in the system. This system is capable of producing about 75 gallons of pure water every day, enough for your daily needs. The UV light can detect the water flow and kills the bacteria and viruses present in the water. The TM ULTRA-ERP is our pick for the best reverse osmosis system on the market today, which assures a clean water supply throughout the day.

        APEC ROES PH75

        The ROES PH75 is one of the most advanced reverse osmosis water system available at a reasonable price. It features a 6 stage process with a 3:1 waste:pure water ratio to provide safe drinking water. It as an additional filter which adds minerals to your drinking water which makes your water healthier and better tasting for consuming. The filters have long durability with up to six months of functioning before changing. It is also easy to install and comes with a user manual with a step-by-step guide to all the parts.


        iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

        iSpring is another famous brand for making the best water purifying systems, and RCC7AK-UV 7 is their best reverse osmosis filtering system. It comes with mineralization and UV filters which can clean the dirtiest water with an efficiency rate of 2:1. The automatic UV filter can kill all the microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria present in water to safe drinking water. It also has carbonate and red mineral filter, which helps in making water better in taste and more healthier.

        APEC ROES 50

        This is a 5 stage reverse osmosis water system which is the best in its price range. It has a 5 stage filtration process with an efficiency of 3:1, which is pretty okay for its price. It is capable of removing most of the contamination from groundwater. It comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy to install and give detailed information about the functions fo each part. As the reverse osmosis water systems can be expensive, this one provides a great deal with all the necessary functions.

        Possible Reasons for Unintentional Weight Loss


        Some times a people lose weight without trying to. This can be a scary thing. There are some reasons for unintentional weight loss that should be carefully examined.
        Sign of Cancer
        When a patient has cancer they tend to lose body fat without even trying. If someone is getting rid of extra weight and they have no idea why they should visit the doctor. This can be an early warning sign of a more serious conditions. It is important to tell the doctor about the decrease in weight so they can examine the body to see if cancer is detected.
        When someone is depressed they may lose weight. They may not be getting the proper nutrition or may not feel like eating. Depression is a serious condition and this unexplained drop in pound can be a symptom of this mental condition.
        Getting thinner is not always a good thing. If someone is decreasing in weight and they are not sure why they should visit their doctor to find out the cause for this health condition.

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